My goal is always the same: I want you to have so much fun and be so relaxed that you don’t even realize I’m taking your photo. I want you to love on your people and connect with them.

Photography is simply all about capturing light and shadows, and everything in between. My style of photography is non intrusive, yet full of natural candid moments, capturing the raw details that tell the full story of your day’s event.

My life as a photographer really comes to fruition when working beside you on a well planned event. I then capture the event as my artistic eye will see it, ensuring you have unique photos of the day.

As a Lifestyle photographer specialising in candid photography I am there to capture the complete story to let it unfold as a story of photographs of the complete day.

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Mentorship is an investment in yourself and the entire photography industry. It’s an opportunity to network, learn new skills and get one-on-one advice or help. It’s an opportunity to reinforce your talents and push through imposter syndrome.

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